Apple Paste Recipe

If you’ve enjoyed a cheese platter here at Cupitt’s Estate lately, chances are you’ve tried this incredible apple paste. It pairs perfectly with our award-winning cheeses and is sure to turn any at home cheeseboard into an artisanal delight!

It’s also a great gift for friends, so save your old jars and keep this one up your sleeve for a nice idea.

It’s super simple & delicious, don’t blame us if you start putting it on more than juts your cheese board!


500g peeled Granny Smith apples

400g Caster Sugar

100ml white wine

20g powdered pectin


Blitz all ingredients in a high powered blender until silky smooth.

Cook out for 1 hour on the stove until it becomes golden and begins to coat the back of your spoon – it should start to set like jam on a cold plate.

Place in an air tight container and keep it in fridge to store. Use within 3 months.