Where classic French style & the highest quality local milk come together to create award-winning, artisan cheese on the NSW South Coast.

Cheese Made by Hand & Heart

The Cupitt’s Estate Fromagerie (cheese-making facility) was established in 2015 and since it’s fruition has steadily been climbing the ranks as an outstanding established producer of some of the best boutique cheeses in Australia.

Our cheeses are all made and matured using traditional techniques and are inspired by founder Rosie Cupitt’s travels and training in France and Italy. The results are a line up of quality, artisan cheese that she both loves to make & eat.

We source our dairy from happy French cows less than a short 10km away, at Narrawilly Dairy in Milton on the NSW South Coast.

Passion You Can Taste in Our Products

With a heritage Dairy Creamery on site (now our operating Cellar Door), making cheese was always in the Cupitt’s Estate DNA. With Rosie at the helm of production, it’s no surprise that our Fromagerie has been such a wonderful success, and we’re so thrilled that it has expanded to be able to produce cheese for our restaurant kitchen, Cellar Door & even supplying some local shops such as Milton IGA. The transition from Winemaking to Cheesemaking was an easy shift for Rosie, as the basic chemistry & microbiological principles are quite similar. Rosie has completed a number of courses (and continues to complete training) with world-renowned cheese maker Ivan Larcher.

When commenting on the reasons she built the cheese-making facility at Cupitt’s Estate, Rosie explains “I became a cheesemaker because I love the artisan cheese that is such a culture in France and Italy, and so well respected by everyone in their countries. I wanted to create a go-to product that totally belonged to the South Coast and highlighted what the South Coast can produce.”

Meet Our Cheesemakers

Joining Rosie in the Fromagerie is fellow esteemed cheese-maker Angel Williams. Angel has been working in our cheese room since 2017 and has a degree in Agroforestry (agricultural land use management). She has 4 years experience making cheese in Vancouver, where she lived before joining us here on the NSW South Coast. Angel was the creator behind our ‘Milton’ cheese - The washed-rind cheese inspired by Mahon, a Spanish cheese with a rind that is rubbed with paprika and olive oil. The ‘Milton’ won a Silver medal & 1st in Class at the 2021 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show as part of the Royal Easter Show.

Our cheeses are available on our seasonal menu,Book a Tableto taste our cheese for yourself, or visit our Cellar Door in Ulladulla, just a short 5 minutes from Milton & Mollymook.

Cupitt's Estate Cheeses – All Hand Crafted onsite here at Cupitt’s Estate on the NSW South Coast


Gold Medal Winner & Second in Class. Fresh cheese with a soft velvety texture and a mellow finish. The paste is bright white in colour. Recommended with smeared on a baguette, drizzled with local honey and glass of bubbles.


This bloomy rind cheese can be eaten young or left to age for up to 6 weeks when it will develop more complex flavours and become runny at the edges. Rich buttery flavours, pair with Champagne.


A version of gorgonzola, this cheese has a soft /fudgy/creamy texture with mild blue strength and earthy flavours. The paste is creamy yellow in colour with a mottled rind.


Firm and salty, slightly rubbery cheese. While you can eat Haloumi raw, it’s usually enjoyed cooked — cooking improves the taste and texture. It is great baked, fried or grilled until the outside becomes crisp and golden and the inside melts slightly. Serve hot with a squeeze of lemon.


Firm yet supple texture with a few small eyes in the centre of the paste. Flavours are complex and nutty, with a hint of sweet butter, aged for 12 months. The rind is the same colour as the paste, deep rich yellow. Great with our chardonnay, or used in your favourite recipes. Perfect for a souffle or sauce.


Bronze medal winner. Soft velvety texture with a mellow salty finish. The paste is bright white in colour. Good in salads and pasta. We often smoke this cheese using wood chips from old wine barrels to create a truly unique & magnificent flavour profile.