Chimmichurri Recipe

Are you looking for a way to take your steak to the next level? What about smashing your avocado toast out of the park into flavour town? This diverse and absolutely delicious Chimmichurri recipe is going to amplify any dish, we won’t blame you if you want to pour it over everything! Salads, grilled meats or veggies, sandwiches – the options are endless.

We serve this incredible condiment at our restaurant in Ulladulla with our chargrilled wagyu rump and it’s always a big hit! This recipe comes straight from our talented chefs and each batch makes roughly 10 servings (depending how generous you are) so keep it in a jar in the fridge and get ready to put it on just about everything.


15 grams of fresh mint

55 grams of continental parsley

25 grams of chives

100 grams of onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of smoked paprika

A pinch of ground cumin

1 teaspoon of fine sea salt

A pinch of black pepper

Half a teaspoon of crushed chilli flakes

35 grams of baby capers

100 mL extra virgin olive oil

4 Teaspoons of Red Wine Vinegar


1. In a food processor blitz together all of the ingredients except the fresh herbs and the baby capers.

2. Thinly slice the washed herbs and add place into a bowl with the puree mix.

3. Add the whole baby capers mix and stir to combine.

4. Adjust the seasoning and add caper vinegar to taste.

5. Serve with BBQ or roast meat, vegetables or fish