Orange Infused Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Getting a bit tired of your Friday night standard cocktail?  Infusing your spirits with citrus is a great way to add something into your cocktail creation at home.

Try this twist on an old Fashioned the next time you are entertaining, with orange infused whiskey.  We have adopted it as one of our house cocktails.


1500ml of Buffalo Trace Whisky

15 dashes Orange Bitters

225ml Water for Dilution

90ml Sugar Syrup


Infuse Whiskey but cutting the zest off of three oranges and marinate in 1500ml of Buffalo Trace Whisky. 

Let sit for a minimum of 6 hours- overnight is better if you can wait!

Add all ingredients into a sterilised 3L container.  Stir.

Pour over Ice and enjoy!