Gift Giving Guide

This year like no other, looking after your team will be essential at Christmas and as we welcome in the New Year. We have been told time and time again that we face the prospect of the Great Resignation and showing our staff how much we really care for them is vitally important. 

Your business isn’t about the things you sell or the services you deliver, at the heart it’s about the people and this should be reflected in the gift you give. However, giving these gifts can be tricky and potentially intimidating. Searching for the perfect gift isn’t always easy and there is no science behind choosing the right one! We would like to share some things to keep in mind while making this choice.

Individual acknowledgement - This recognition for a job well done by that individual staff member should be at the centre. You want each of your very special employees to know that you care for them (and want them to stick around!).

Gift types - The gift can be giving a physical item such as a practical piece or something delicious to eat or drink over Christmas. You can also choose a non-physical gift such as a voucher for an experience that they can book in for when it suits them. Examples are dinner for two, drinks overlooking a beautiful place or an activity for something they love.

Longevity - How long has your employee been loyal to the business? This should be reflected in the gift you give and the amount you are wishing to spend.

Individual preferences - Maybe you choose a few gift types and then match them to the individuals that will enjoy receiving that gift. Examples include dinner and drinks for those people that never treat themselves to a night out or a delicious Shiraz for the wine lover. We have created a Cupitt’s Estate gift guide to help you in your quest for the perfect gift!

Have abeer enthusiastthat’s always on the lookout for the newest drop to try? We have a few options from our own Cupitt’s Estate Brewery. Liam, our Head Brewer has put together aCore Range that all beer lovers will enjoyand can share with friends over a BBQ. If you are looking for someone that loves visiting brewery after brewery on their quest for the perfect IPA or hop-rich drop, then theHop Happy Packis for them. For thebeer connoisseur, we have a barrel-aged Imperial Stout for sipping after Christmas lunch. It is drop-dead gorgeous!

Do you have a party-loving sparkling or rosé drinker in your team? Or the ultimate host that likes to share beautiful wine with friends and family? We have a gift to suit them all. Our “Festive Packwas curated by our Head Winemaker, Wally Cupitt, to be perfect for the entertaining season ahead. Another beautiful choice is a tip of the hat to Cupitt’s matriarch and winery founder,Rosie’s Roséis as synonymous to the South Coast as the unspoilt coastline and salty air. It is the perfect reminder of what a South Coast summer afternoon is all about. Our last suggestion would be to pack up a couple of our 2018Dusty Dog Shirazbottles. This delicious wine with silky tannins and a smooth finish will continue to develop with careful cellaring, so this is the gift that can be enjoyed now as well as into the future. View ourfull range of winesand make your own wine pack by mixing and matching yourself.

The most perfect gift for someone who has really gone above and beyond this year is an experience gift. Something that they can book at a time that suits them. Whether it be a dinner for two with matching wines throughout, overlooking the vineyards at Cupitt’s Estate, or a stay in the brand new winery located pod accommodation, you are absolutely going to get it right every time with one of these gifts!

Last, but absolutely never least, is a‘choose your own adventure’ giftwhere the recipient can choose between having wine or beer delivered to their home, lunch or dinner overlooking the vineyard or drinks and lunch listening to live music on the Cupitt’s Estate lawn. Agift voucherenables them to make the choice that’s right for them and could be the perfect gift for your special staff members. You can choose any amount you decide and we’ll email it to you to distribute as you choose.

Just remember, the stronger the relationship you build with your team, the more loyal and long-lasting they will be for you and your business.