We embody a farm to table philosophy and our extremely talented chefs blow us away every single week with what they create from our own kitchen garden.

Feel inspired hearing from the masterminds behind our weekly rotating Tasting Menu and learn more about how they transform produce from our Kitchen Garden into a sensational curation of 8 unique dishes each week with this Q&A with our talented chefs.

Hear them answer questions like ‘What is the journey of produce to plate?’ and ‘Where do you get your inspiration from?’ It’s a wonderful read and we hope you enjoy hearing from behind the scenes as much as we love sharing these insights with you.

Whether you’re one of our beloved regulars always keen to explore the changing menu or yet to experience the taste of Cupitt’s Estate by dining in our restaurant, we hope you feel inspired by hearing from our chefs and we can’t wait to see you soon!

What is the journey of produce to plate?

It starts with a conversation with the gardeners Adrian & Gaven. They highlight what will be available seasonally the following week, we then come together as a kitchen collective and we have a mind mapping session where we will decide what each dish will become. The dishes are then designed and trialed. We look at the quantity of what the garden has grown and if we can either highlight those dishes for a full week or a couple of days depending on the quantity we have. That’s what makes it exciting – a dish could last a few days before it changes again because of the abundance of what the garden produces.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Our inspiration comes from what the gardeners are growing seasonally and what is available at the markets that particular week.

Personally, what is your favourite ingredient that we harvest from our own kitchen garden and why?

Rapeseed leaf which comes from the Brassicaceae family, it has a floral garden taste. It is on this week’s Barramundi dish. We also enjoy using our duck eggs where we cure the yolks – these are featured in this week’s Gnocchi dish.

What has been your favourite dish to eat so far on the tasting menu?

They all have been cracker dishes, but the one that stands out by far is the Smoked Feta Salad. It represents everything that Cupitt’s has to offer. The pickles are from our garden that we preserve, the beetroot is from the garden, the Feta is made onsite in the Fromagerie, which we then smoke. Basically, it’s Cupitt’s Estate on a plate.

What do you love most about having a rotational seasonal menu?

Being able to draw upon the whole garden’s produce, being challenged to come up with dishes that are featuring what is available in new and exciting ways each week.

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