Reflecting on an Unforgettable Evening with Adam Liaw

It was a magical evening of delicious food and great conversation that has left a lasting impression on all those fortunate enough to attend—the Adam Liaw Dinner at Cupitt's Estate. Held on Saturday, 17th June, as part of the StoryFest program, this event brought together food enthusiasts and fans of Adam Liaw for a memorable night of great food, fascinating conversation, and culinary inspiration. 

In collaboration with Adam Liaw, the talented chefs at Cupitt's Estate curated a menu showcasing seasonal produce from the region using tried and tested favourite recipes from Adam Liaw's extensive collection.   

One of Australia's most in-demand media personalities, Adam Liaw, took the stage alongside Milton-based author, editor, publisher, and baker Anneka Manning. Together, they engaged in a lively and insightful conversation that delved into Adam's impressive past and explored the profound influence of Asian food on Australian culture. Attendees were treated to a fascinating glimpse into Adam's culinary philosophy, current projects, and thoughts on the ever-evolving culinary landscape. It was an opportunity to gain valuable insights from a true culinary maestro.

The event encouraged audience participation with an interactive Q&A session that allowed attendees to engage directly with Adam Liaw. From aspiring chefs seeking culinary advice to passionate foodies hungry for insights, guests had the opportunity to ask burning questions and deepen their appreciation for the art of cooking. Adam's genuine warmth and enthusiasm shone through as he shared his wisdom and experiences, making the evening all the more memorable. The event highlighted the importance of community collaboration and food's ability to unite people.

As we reflect on the Adam Liaw Dinner at Cupitt's Estate, the memories of that extraordinary evening come flooding back. The delectable dishes, the engaging conversation, and the community fostered throughout the event all contributed to an unforgettable experience. It was a night where food and conversation intertwined, leaving a lasting impression on everyone attending. We want to thank the Storyfest Committee for bringing this event to Cupitt's Estate and for the whole Storyfest event in, which we were proud to be sponsors. We are already looking forward to Storyfest 2025. 

Photo Credit - Miton Ulladulla Camera Club.