Time to Celebrate the Truffle Season

Love em’ or hate em’, truffles are sought-after ingredients chefs love to get their hands on when they’re in season. Typically, truffle season in Australia runs from June through September, which is what makes this delicacy a wanted winter treat. 

This Winter, our chefs have secured some truffles locally at Misty Mountain Truffles, located in Sassafras in the Shoalhaven. Misty Mountain Truffles is a black Perigord truffle (also known as the black truffle or French black truffle) farm. Sassafras is a small community of orchards in an area of extensive national parks.

Along with their distinctive taste and aroma, the Périgord truffle’s scarcity has contributed to its status as a premium and exclusive ingredient. Our chefs will ramp up your dining experience by offering the chance to sprinkle the intoxicating truffle over your meal.

The Périgord truffle’s distinct flavour profile makes it perfect for winter. Their aromatic, earthy, layered profile marries well with the rich dishes, including roast meats, cream-based sauces, cheeses, eggs and root vegetables, all of which can be enhanced with a touch of truffle. 

The truffle season is short-lived; any chef worth their weight in truffles will tell you that this is what is part of the appeal. We asked Jon Pryor, our truffle-loving chef, about what makes this delicacy one of the most exciting seasons on their calendar.,

It would have to be the mystery that surrounds them. When will they be ready? Will it be a good season? What shape? How big?

The perfumed aroma they emit as soon as you open the container they are stored in, just knowing that they will be only amazing for a minimal period of the year. Truffles represent hyper seasonality at its most prominent—an ingredient best showcased when it is dug out of the ground and used straight away.

Cupitt’s Winemaker Wally Cupitt was asked what the best wine match for your truffle-enhanced meal is?

‘Pinot Noir and truffles complement each other; they are both perfumed and earthy yet have a delicate quality. Our Pinot Noir would work exceptionally well with the wagyu rostbiff enriched with truffles’.

This weekend you can enjoy truffles as a special to have shaved over your meal at Cupitt’s dining room.