Getting a bit tired of your Friday night standard cocktail? Infusing your spirits with citrus is a great way to add something into your cocktail creation at home.

28th Oct 2021

This Coconut Dahl recipe is truly a fragrant sensation. It has been so popular in our Cellar Door as a ‘heat & eat’ meal we thought we’d share it with you all so you can try and whip it up for yourself at home!

1st Oct 2021

Support Aussie Strawberry Farmers by buying some strawberries and making a strawberry syrup.  Homemade strawberry syrupis great when added to beverages and cocktails to give them a strong, sweet strawberry flavor.

15th Sep 2021

Create our amazing chilli pickles for yourself at home, it's easier than you think!

9th Sep 2021

Not a fan of white chocolate? Use dark or milk chocolate instead!

18th Aug 2021

Your day just got a whole lot sweeter with our delicious Persian Love Cake recipe now available for you to whip up at home. Let’s admit we could all use a lil extra love, and cake!

5th Aug 2021

Getting a bit tired of your plain G&T? Infusing your spirits with fruits is a great way to add something exciting to your liquor cabinet and breathe a new element into your cocktail creation at home.

Our rhubarb is growing like crazy here and we love getting creative with how to use it across our venue. We’ve created desserts, syrups and now it’s made it’s way into our gin.

29th Jul 2021

Now you can make this easy & delicious cheesecake at home!

27th Jul 2021

"It’s as comforting as a slice of apple pie" Why not try this classic Cupitt’s Estate cocktail for yourself at home this weekend? It’s DELICIOUS!

23rd Jul 2021

Treat yourself to this mouth-watering indulgent recipe for our Pear & Hazelnut crumble. Bit of sweet, bit of spice and absolutely everything nice. Try it today, you’ve probably got most of the ingredients already in your pantry.

20th Jul 2021

You can turn anything into mouth watering, soul warming parmigiana with these recipes from our chefs.

15th Jul 2021

If you can’t get a hold of any rhubarb, we love to use strawberries too. Or both! 

9th Jul 2021

Are you looking for a way to take your steak to the next level? What about smashing your avocado toast out of the park into flavour town? This diverse and absolutely delicious Chimmichurri recipe is going to amplify any dish, we won’t blame you if you want to pour it over everything! Salads, grilled meats or veggies, sandwiches – the options are endless.

6th Jul 2021

It's Tom Collin's cousin with a spiced rum twist.

2nd Jul 2021

Now you can recreate our South Coast Restaurant's signature dish at home!

23rd Jun 2021
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