Me&u is a revolutionary technology that marks a new era in hospitality for Cupitt’s Estate. Not only does Me&u provide an efficient way to order, it also aligns with the best COVID-safe practices. No queuing, no menu, no cash – it’s beautiful, clean and super seamless, allowing you more time to relax and be with your friends and family.

This will be offered to all guest enjoying the Cupitt’s Estate casual offering on the lawn and deck. Guests will now have the option to tap onto the me&u beacon located on each table to order and pay directly from their mobile phone. This means guests will no longer need to get up from the table, touch menus, stand in a queue at the bar, or wait to pay the bill if they don’t want to. If you do not want to use the technology that’s okay, we will still have plenty of our friendly staff on hand to take your order. 

Libby Cupitt said “it truly is a game-changer. me&u’s innovative technology is an exciting addition to Cupitt’s Estate operations and comes at a time when we are looking for new innovative ways to reduce customer contact to improve on our COVID-safe practices. We want to assure guests and staff that this is not about reducing jobs it is about improving customer satisfaction. 

Human connection is still our priority. The magic of this technology means our staff will be able to focus more on the human-experience providing the best possible customer service and our guests can focus on socialising with their friends and family. We are excited because me&u removes the friction around the transactional side of the dining experience, so both the staff and guests have time for what matters most.”

More About me&u

Founded in July 2018 by two-time start-up founder Stevan Premutico (formerly Dimmi), me&u is a contactless mobile ordering & payment platform that offers a faster, better and easier way for customers to order and pay in restaurants, cafes & pubs across Australia. me&u’s mission is centred around improving customer experiences and making the industry more profitable. It does this by taking care of the basics (the order & the payment) so the floor staff can spend more time on the stuff that truly matters – service, hosting, upselling and building relationships. Hundreds of venues around Australia have already joined the movement including some of the leading brands in the country – The Rockpool Group, The Opera Bar, Solotel Group, Colonial Leisure Group, Watsons Bay Hotel, Barangaroo House, Moon Dog World, Riverbar & Kitchen, Howard Smith Wharves, The Portsea Hotel, The Fiddler and The Camfield, with full roll-out currently underway. Rated 4.7 stars from over 75,000 ratings, customers love having an easier and faster way to order & pay. For more information please visit