Warming Winter Specials Every Week

You can't beat comfort food in the winter, and some of our best meals are happening right now. Each week we will announce our Winter special on Monday, and it will be available throughout the week for lunch and dinner until Friday unless they sell out earlier. 

This week's special...

Confit 'Gooralie' Free Range Pork Belly,Cupitt's Vienna Lager Braised Garden Cabbage, Mustard Scented Potato Puree, Caraway Seed. Paired With Cupitt's Estate, Vienna Lager or Cupitt's Estate 2018 Provenance Pinot Noir.To sweeten the deal even further, it comes with a special winter price of only $35.

Wally Cupitt And Liam Jackson (our head winemaker and brewer) paired this dish fittingly with our Vienna Lager. the malty undertones of the Vienna Lager match the richness of the dish. interestingly, the browning of the meat is a result of Maillard reaction, which also occurs when producing darker malts such as those used in this beer. the Vienna Lager also has floral, and spice notes that complement perfectly.

There is a sense of tradition when eating this dish and being transported to a traditional German beer hall or pub, where a malty continental lager would be the obvious match.

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Winter Specials are available Monday - Friday Lunch and Tuesday - Friday dinner. They can be enjoyed in the restaurant or dining alfresco on the lawn or deck.