Cupitt’s Estate Chef’s Rich Vegetable Stock Recipe

Don't be afraid to use all parts of the veggies with this amazing hearty recipe.

It's the perfect stock to add to your favourite Autumn dishes - we hope it warms you up during this change of season!

If you can't find any of these vegetables feel free to get creative & use whatever you've got in the fridge.


425g Eggplant

450g Cauliflower

50g Celery

150g Carrots

100g Beetroot

60g Shitake Mushrooms

100g Broccoli

125g Onions

60g Garlic

10g Tomato Paste

9g Kombu

100g Olive Oil

4g Salt

2.5L Water


Pre-heat oven to 150 Degrees Celsius

Shave all vegetables on a mandolin (or slice as thin as possible)

Combine all ingredients, except water into a large oven proof dish

Roast vegetables for 45 minutes, checking & stirring every 15 minutes

Add water into dish & cover with a lid. Return to oven for 40 minutes

Strain stock into a saucepan & boil to reduce by half

Drain & enjoy as a beautiful hearty fresh stock for all of your favourite dishes!