A Walk Through 4 Dishes On Our New Menu

Have you tried our new a la carte menu yet? The dishes are so fresh and flavourful, we’ve loved hearing from guests about their new favourites! The menu is abundant with new and exciting, garden produce driven dishes and our award winning, hand-made artisan cheese features throughout. With so many menu items featuring our produce,we thought we'd breakdown 4 dishes & tell the story of how our organic, home grown ingredients are transformed in our kitchen for you to enjoy with family and friends at our South Coast Restaurant.

We hope you enjoy hearing about these dishes and we look forward to creating them for you on your next visit!

Cupitt’s Smoked Feta, Charred Beans & Bread Cracker

This unique and incredible dish celebrates our award winning Feta cheese. Hand-made on site using dairy sourced from happy French cows a short 10km away, this beautifully soft and creamy cheese is taken to the next level when our chefs smoke it using wood chips of old barrels from our winery.

The Feta is paired with our home-grown yellow beans that are charred to perfection and then marinated in fennel seed dressing. Served with our freshly made bread or gluten free cracker (both also made on site!).

Baked Cupitt’s Veuve, Parnell’s Burnt Honey, Almonds, Sourdough

There is something truly sensational about baked cheese, and when it’s hand-made artisan French-style cheese from our Fromagerie, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Drizzled in burnt honey sourced from local South Coast suppliers Parnell Honey, doused in almonds, topped off with a sprig of thyme from our garden and served with freshly baked home-made sourdough.

A truly unique, memorable and signature dish, you’ll be fighting over who gets the last piece of bread!

Chargrilled Wagyu Rump Rostbiff, Garden Chimichurri

This high-grade beef boasts marble scores between 8 or 9, and is prepped and cooked for 4 to 5 hours to maintain moisture before being chargrilled to perfection. Served rare and designed to share (but we won’t blame you if you want to order one for yourself!) the tender beef is drizzled in chimichurri made using garden herbs picked just a few metres away from our kitchen.

A sophisticated and delicious dish that will melt in your mouth.

Pressed Pears, Cupitt’s Apple Cider Caramel, Hazelnut Crumble

Pears are thinly sliced, pressed and then baked to create this heart-warming autumnal dessert. Smothered in our Apple Cider Caramel (made using our very own Cloudy Cider, check out the recipe here and try making it for yourself!) and topped off with hazelnut crumble and scoop of ice cream.

The perfect way to finish a memorable meal in our restaurant or outside on our deck or lawn.

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