We’re Now Accepting Your Dine & Discover Vouchers

The NSW Government has launched Dine & Discover NSW to encourage the community to get out and about and support dining, arts and tourism businesses – how wonderful is that?

We’re thrilled to be a part of this initiative, and you can now use your Dine & Discover vouchers here at Cupitt’s Estate.

All you have to do is make sure you’ve downloaded your vouchers using the Service NSW app (that’s the app you also use for your COVID check in at venues). It’s really simple, just open the app, press the ‘vouchers’ button & follow the steps from there to apply for your Dine & Discover vouchers.

Once you have your vouchers, make sure you’ve read the terms & conditions so you know where you can redeem them. Then simply book your table with us here at Cupitt’s Estate and let our staff know you’ll be redeeming a Dine & Discover voucher with us!

A few Ts&Cs that we think you should note are;

-         You can’t use your vouchers just on alcohol, but if your total bill has food as well then you can use your voucher

-         You can use more than 1 voucher on your bill if the names on the vouchers are for different people in your group

-         You can’t use more than 1 of your own vouchers on a single bill

If you have any other question, you check out the Service NSW page for all of their FAQs.

We hope you have a great time using your Dine & Discover vouchers at Cupitt’s Estate!